In the new study published in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in January 2015 „Does Water-jet Force Make a Difference in Fat Grafting: in Vitro and in Vivo Evidence of Improved Lipoaspirates Viability and Fat Grafts Survival“*, the quality of adipocytes and adipose stem cells was compared for fat that was harvested with and without the water-jet method (manual liposuction).

In this study the body-jet® (human med AG) was used.

Results of the study:

“Fresh lipoaspirates from group A (water-jet group) have greater viability and higher percentage of CD34+ and CD45- cells than group B (manual liposuction). Grafted lipoaspirates in group A have better weight retention, less apoptosis and greater angiogenesis.”

Conclusions: “The fate of grafted lipoaspirates was affected by water-jet force. With the assistance of water-jet force during harvesting procedure, we could obtain more viable lipoaspirates, and gain better fat survival result.”

In short: The study shows the positive effect of the water-jet method on fat viability.

The authors have no conflicts of interest to disclose.

The study was not supported by human med AG.

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