Manifold fields of application

The water-jet assisted lipo-transfer may be used for a variety of applications. The following give an overview of all indications

·       Breast augmentation using autologous fat

For patients who look for a natural method and don’t wish to have synthetic materials in their body.

When using the WAL method, approx. 90% of the aspirated fat cells are preserved (high cell vitality), nearly 76 ± 11% of the aspirated fat cells permanently adhere to the breast area (click here to our studies). Thanks to the water-jet assisted method, complications like oil cysts or fat cell calcifications occurring after previous autologous fat transfer procedures can be largely avoided. Even a small breast can be augmented with autologous fat in a natural way – with the bonus of body contouring by removal of so-called “diet or exercise-resistant” fat deposits.

·       Correction of asymmetrical breasts

Natural option to add volume in order to balance differences in breast size and shape in a gentle way. The volume of autologous fat to be injected, as well as the breast shape, can be adjusted to the personal wishes and sizes of your patients.

·       Breast reconstruction

Breast reconstruction with autologous fat is a more convenient alternative for patients who wish for a more natural method rather than a synthetic material in their body. The advantages of the water-jet assisted method are a natural-looking breast, a long-lasting result and the use of autologous fat tissue. The breast, reconstructed with autologous adipose tissue, behaves like the patients own body; it remains elastic and flexible. There is no need to fear rejection by the body.

·       Salvage procedure after capsular fibrosis

For patients who have a problem after a breast augmentation with implants, as for example a ruptured implant or a capsular fibrosis. The implant is removed and the affected breast is filled with body’s own fat tissue.

·       Breast composition

Complementary treatment after breast augmentation with silicone cushions to conceal implants that become apparent under the breast skin.

·       Buttock augmentation

To enlarge a flat buttock or to create a rounder and fuller shape if requested.

·       Lip augmentation by injection

To balance differently shaped and sized lips or to fill very thin lips. Besides full lips, the benefit of an augmentation with body’s own fat is that there is no fear of inflammation or allergic reactions.

·       Scar smoothing

Body’s own fat helps to rejuvenate the skin. Retracted (caved effect on the skin) scars can be evened out to the normal skin level by injection of body’s own fat. Even hard or keloid scaring become softer by the injection of body’s own fat. This helps to improve the appearance of scars because the stem cells contained in the fat have a rejuvenating effect on the skin.

·       Anti-aging – wrinkle smoothing of the face, the décolleté and the hands

To compensate the volume loss of the face, the décolleté and the hands. The body’s own fat can be used for treatment of the glabellar, nasolabial folds and the mental creases or wrinkles around the eyelids. The re-injected patient’s own fat replaces lost subcutaneous adipose tissue and smoothes wrinkles and scars. In particular, nasolabial folds and peri-oral wrinkles, primarily caused by fat loss in the cheek area, can be permanently corrected by means of autologous fat transfer.

  • Treatment of chronic wounds