Advantages of WAL at a glance

  • Spares the surrounding tissue of your patient.
  • Minimizes operation risks as adverse effects of the anesthetic or injury to the surrounding tissue.
  • Almost pain-free: reduced blood loss, hematomas and swelling.
  • Treatment under local anesthesia is possible; twilight sleep or general anesthesia is also possible.
  • Very low stress by medication (approx. 70% less tumescent fluid is needed than in conventional procedures)
  • Minimal intraoperative swelling because the OP can be made under direct visual control which reduces the correction rate.
  • Reduced OP time due to a short pre-infiltration and simultaneous irrigation and aspiration
  • Easy cannula handling is more comfortable for you and your patient
  • Shortened and smooth convalescence time of your patients

The WAL can be used for a variety of applications. Click here to find an overview of medical indications.