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Human med AG is an innovative medical technology company with it’s headquarters in Schwerin, Germany.  Our field of activity is “Water-Jet Surgery”. As the worldwide leading manufacturer of water-jet assisted products for the plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery we set benchmarks in natural body contouring.

We gained long-term experience in medical technology with water-jet dissectors that allow precise control and delicate tissue handling. On this basis we offer Water-jet Assisted Liposuction (WAL) and Autologous Fat Transfer for aesthetic body contouring, reconstructive surgery and treatment of soft tissue defects, scars and chronic wounds.

Our News

Liposuction: Treatment of choice for painful lipedema

Iraqi refugee gets a special (water-jet) liposuction procedure for a rare fat-cell condition called lipedema

Leading Scientist for fat grafting and adipose stem cells in the US, Prof. Peter Rubin comments on WAL grafted fat

A new publication by Prof. Peter Rubin, Pittsburgh/USA, who is the leading scientist for fat grafting and adipose stem cells in the USA, comments on the recent publication by Meyer et al. on the Isolation and Differentiation Potential of Water-Jet Fat.