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body contouring with water-jet assisted liposuction (WAL) and fat transfer

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Innovation in Plastic Surgery from Germany

As the world’s leading manufacturer of medical devices for water-jet assisted liposuction (WAL), we set standards in the field of natural body shaping with the AquaShape® method.

The AquaShape® method using the WAL technique is a gentle form of liposuction for the patient. The technique also achieves optimal results with autologous fat transfer.

In addition to the numerous possible applications in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery, our portfolio also supports medical professionals in the treatment of patients in the fields of reconstructive plastic and regenerative surgery.

The high viability of the fat cells obtained with the WAL and the collectors (90%) and their optimal cluster size promote high growth rates of up to 87% in autologous fat transfer.

In addition to our engineers’ many years of experience in the development and manufacture of medical devices, we also have extensive expertise in technology and medical applications.

Our product portfolio, which is developed and manufactured entirely in Schwerin, has stood for innovative solutions that support patients and surgeons alike for more than 20 years. Reshaping Bodies by Reshaping Technology

Our solutions

Our products are entirely based on water-jet assisted technology. In this way, we optimally combine a particularly gentle liposuction procedure with an efficient, tissue-conserving fat transfer method.


Hydrodissection is a water-jet assisted procedure that uses the gentle and selective power of the water jet to gently dislodge fat cells from the tissue.


Discover the proven and reliable body-jet®, its further development, the body-jet® evo and the body-jet® eco for the precise removal of smaller amounts of fatty tissue; the FillerCollector® or the LipoCollector® for the removal of different amounts of fat and the Q-graft® system for SVF cell harvesting and concentration right after liposuction and without leaving the sterile OR area.

Innovation. Quality. Experience.

Premium water-jet technology. We set standards in the field of natural body shaping.

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