Leading in water-jet-

We are a progressive German manufacturer of medical technology devices with own design engineers and a leader in the field of water-jet assisted liposuction and autologous fat transplantation (WAL)

As the world’s leading manufacturer of water-jet assisted liposuction devices, consumables and accessories for autologous adipose cell grafting, our company has more than 20 years of product development and construction in the field of surgical water-jet dissection (hydrodissection)with its own R&D department.

Human Med holds several patents. The region of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern co-funds the R&D activities of Human Med based on which our company has developed ground-breaking products like the Q-graft®, just to mention one.

Our quality management system is certified according to EN ISO 13485.

Human Med Entwicklung

We sell our products, which are made entirely in Germany, through a worldwide and comprehensive network of certified distribution partners.

The close interaction with our customers and distribution partners is a characteristic of the company and one of the reasons for our ability to identify innovation potential and market needs. Our answer: product enhancement and development of new products.

As the successor of Andreas Pein Medizintechnik GmbH, Human Med AG was founded on March 5, 2004. The head office is in Schwerin, in the northern German region of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Innovating and sustainable


We do have the know-how and the expertise to invent and further develop new technologies and products.

Scientifically proven

R&D in cooperation with an international network of universities and medical institutes

Over the past two decades, our company has built a broad network of clinics and doctors in Germany and abroad.

The implementation of product enhancement and new development of medical devices is also possible thanks to the long-standing cooperation with research, biological and technical institutes and funded research projects.


Latest research project: Joint Research Project „WAVE-JET“ – Research and development project in the plastic surgery sector

As a result, our newly developed products comply with the modern science and technology standards.

Also in the future we will continue to be focused on implementing innovations in the field of medical devices and procedures based on water-jet assisted technologies.


Also in the future we will continue to be focused on implementing innovations in the field of medical devices and procedures based on water-jet assisted technologies.

A different way to think and future-oriented


We are always seeking new ways for the well-being of patients.

Our aspirations

Sustainable and future-oriented innovations in water-jet-technology


Sustainable and

In recent years, our company has gained an international reputation especially in the field of plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.

In addition to the use of minimal amounts of endogenous fat for anti-aging treatments, we have been researching and experimenting in the field of medical devices and their application in the regenerative medicine sector.


Quality and a broad range of treatment procedures

With innovative technology and a wide range of applications we generate a wealth of benefits for both medical staff and patients. Today’s water-jet assisted systems from Human Med are optimally satisfy the requirements for the fast-growing trend of using autologous adipose tissue to correct soft tissue defects, scars and to support wound healing. Also, the use of very small amounts of autologous fat as an alternative to traditional filler products used in anti-aging treatments is a wide field of application for our technology.

Regenerative Medizin Teaser


We will continue to expand our knowledge and delivery performance in the field of autologous fat harvesting, fat grafting and the separation and application of regenerative cells from adipose tissue and converge this knowledge into new products.

Innovation. Quality. Experience.

Premium water-jet technology. We set new standards in natural body contouring.

Our products

Leading-edge technology using the unique and progressive, gentle power of the water-jet.

The technique


With hydrodissection (water-jet assisted dissection)
the soft tissue is separated or removed using the gentle force of the water-jet.

The procedures

During the hydrodissection (water-jet assisted dissection) the waterjet-assisted Liposuction (WAL) and the AquaShape® procedure are being used.