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The Doctor Finder is available only to physicians, medical professionals, surgeons, medical practices and hospitals using the water-jet-assisted liposuction and fat grafting technique and the patented technologies of Human Med AG.

Numerous plastic beauty and trauma surgeons, dermatologists, orthopedists and doctors of regenerative medicine on all continents have been enthusiastic users of the body-jet®, body-jet® eco, body-jet® evo or Q-graft® for years.

The excellent fat quality and surgical results, which are achieved thanks to the gentle power of water, convince doctors and patients in various treatment fields: from liposuction and body shaping to lipofilling, breast reconstruction, lipoedema and wound treatment, pain relief in osteoarthritis by means of the use of autologous fat and more.


An entry in the Doctor Finder gives patients the opportunity to find and contact you as a user of the water-jet assisted liposuction and fat grafting procedure and experienced users of Human Med technologies.

Fill out the form below – please mention your specialty. After verification Human Med in Schwerin will either revert to you in case of further questions or otherwise directly unlock your information. A deletion of your entry can be made at any time on request.

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Our products

Leading-edge technology using the unique and progressive, gentle power of the water-jet.

The technique


With hydrodissection (water-jet assisted dissection)
the soft tissue is separated or removed using the gentle force of the water-jet.

The procedures

During the hydrodissection (water-jet assisted dissection) the waterjet-assisted Liposuction (WAL) and the AquaShape® procedure are being used.