Medical innovation
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Our products are entirely based on waterjet assisted technology. In this way, we optimally combine a particularly gentle liposuction procedure with an efficient, tissue-conserving fat transfer method.

Human Med - New clean room

The simultaneous irrigation and aspiration, coupled with the smaller volume of tumescent fluid used (approx. 70% less tumescent fluid used for pre infiltration) reduces the stress on the tissue.

The low mechanical force effect during liposuction, due to a moderate suction and the selective power of the water-jet, allows for a much easier handling of the cannula. In turn making it more comfortable for both the surgeon and the patient.

The precise and tissue-sparing detachment of fat cells from the tissue structure minimizes the patient’s pain, swelling, reduces the risk of a hematoma and shortens the convalescent period.

Minimal intraoperative swelling, because the OP can be made under direct visual control which reduces the correction rate.

Treatment under local anesthesia is possible. Twilight sleep or general anesthesia is possible too.

The use of a centrifuge, or other fat processing procedures, are not necessary which results in time-saving and a better vitality of the fat cells.

The fat continuously separates from the irrigation fluid – no additional rinsing required

An adjustment of pressure („swimming filtration“) helps to protect the fat cells.

The smooth and passive mixture of the fat collected in the container improves the consistency of the fat removed from different body areas (e.g. from abdomen and thighs).

Easy and direct extraction of the untreated fat cells from the container


The well proven and reliable body-jet® uses the gentle power of water for body contouring.

body-jet® eco

The innovative body-jet® eco has been designed for the precise and gentle removal of small fat tissue volumes that may be used for subsequent autologous fat transfer.

body-jet® evo

The new body-jet® evo represents an innovative enhancement to the 1st generation of the proven and reliable body-jet®.

Filler- and LipoCollector®

Expand your possibilities: Our collectors are constructed for best fat quality and the harvesting of small and large amounts of body fat.


SVF cell harvesting at the point-of-care: The new compact Q-graft® system for the intraoperative separation and collection of regenerative cells (stromal vascular fraction/ SVF) from adipose tissue.