Code of Conduct of
Human Med AG

Human Med AG, headquartered in Schwerin, Germany, commits to upholding high standards in terms of ethics, legal compliance, and responsible business conduct. As a trusted developer and manufacturer of medical devices, we expect similar standards from our business partners.

  1. Ethics, Integrity, and Human Rights
    1. We commit to ethical principles and always act with integrity.
    2. We adhere to prevailing laws, regulations, and standards, especially aligning with the principles of the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the 1998 guidelines of the International Labor Organization.
    3. Corruption, bribery, and unfair business practices are strictly prohibited.
    4. Discrimination, harassment, and unjust treatment are unacceptable.
    5. We treat all stakeholders fairly and respectfully, ensuring every individual’s dignity, privacy, and rights.
    6. Upholding human rights and implementing fair working conditions are central to our corporate social responsibility.
    7. We do not tolerate child labor, forced labor, or modern-day slavery.
    8. We respect the right to freedom of association and do not favor or discriminate against members of worker organizations or unions.
    9. We recognize the right to fair compensation for our employees.
  1. Responsible Business Conduct
    1. We take our responsibility to our customers, employees, and society seriously.
    2. We act responsibly to promote the health and well-being of our clientele.
    3. We support fair competition and always operate within the trading laws relevant to our industry.
    4. We commit to fully complying with all legal provisions and standards. We also observe all sanctions imposed by local and EU laws, including those restricting business relations with sanctioned entities or specific countries.
    5. We strive to verify the presence of a suitable code of conduct among all our suppliers. We expect our suppliers to have clear ethical and business guidelines aligned with our values and expectations.
  1. Environmental Responsibility
    1. We take our environmental responsibility seriously and continuously strive for more sustainable business practices.
    2. We commit to meeting national and international environmental standards and minimizing our environmental impact.
  1. Data Protection, Confidentiality, and Intellectual Property
    1. We respect the privacy of all involved individuals and ensure personal data protection.
    2. We operate transparently and in accordance with prevailing German data protection laws and regulations.
    3. We commit to responsibly handling information from patients, employees, customers, and business partners.
    4. The intellectual property of others is respected and protected.
    5. Confidential information and trade secrets of Human Med AG are always treated confidentially and must not be unauthorizedly disclosed. This confidentiality obligation continues even after ending one’s affiliation with Human Med AG.
  1. Safety, Occupational Safety, and Health
    1. We ensure that our working environment is safe and healthy.
    2. We take appropriate measures to prevent accidents and injuries at the workplace.
    3. The health and safety of our employees, business partners, and the surrounding community are of utmost importance.
  1. Quality and Customer Satisfaction
    1. We always aim for the highest quality in our products and services.
    2. We listen to the needs and concerns of our customers and strive for their satisfaction.
    3. We are dedicated to continuous improvement and use customer feedback for development.

Human Med AG’s Code of Conduct defines our expectations for ethical and responsible behavior by all company members. By adhering to this code, we secure our corporate values and reinforce the trust of customers, business partners, and society at large.