The Power of Your Fat

Natural body contouring with AquaShape® to cater to your unique aesthetic goals.

AquaShape® is an advanced body-contouring procedure that uses the water-jet assisted liposuction (WAL) to harvest and transfer fat cells. With WAL, the fat cells are gently loosened and simultaneously suctioned out of the body without damaging the surrounding tissue, reducing the risk of side effects significantly.

AquaShape® Human Med

Due to the gentle harvesting, the fat cells are healthy with a viability of up to 90%, which enables a high retention rate of up to 87% in the recipient site.

Application and advantage

With AquaShape® fat harvesting and fat grafting can be performed in a safe and gentle way.

Areas of application

For which applications is AquaShape® suitable?

Aquashape® Liposuction Belly Leghs Buttock Hips

Liposuction abdomen/legs/buttocks

With AquaShape®, persistent deposits of fat tissue that are resistant to dieting can easily be removed, gently and precisely.

Aquashape® Volume Breast Breastreconstruction

Breast augmentation and reconstruction

AquaShape® enables your surgeon to give you your desired, natural-looking breasts using the fat transfer procedure (fat grafting).

AquaShape® Volumenaufbau Gesäß

Buttock volume replenishment

With AquaShape® you can have your buttocks replenished in a gentle and safe way with transfer of fat harvested from another region, such as your abdomen for example. No implants required.

AquaShape® Rejuvenation Face Hands Decollete

Rejuvenation face/hands/décolleté

With AquaShape® small quantities of your own fat (autologous fat) are injected into your face to reduce wrinkles or replenish sunken cheeks and make your skin look more radiant.

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Leading-edge technology using the unique and progressive, gentle power of the water-jet.

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Why AquaShape® is the first choice when it comes down to gentle fat harvesting and transfer of harvested adipose tissue.