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The AquaShape® methodology stands for a new way of fat harvesting and fat grafting – for a unique and natural body contouring. Read our information for patients here:

AquaShape® is a methodology to harvest and graft fat based on water-jet assisted liposuction (WAL procedure). Unlike conventional liposuction procedures, with WAL the fat is detached from the tissue structure with much less force, reducing the risk of side effects significantly. The water is injected in the tissue using the fine fan-shaped water jet that is customizable to meet each patient’s requirements.

AquaShape® Human Med

In this way around 90% of the adipose cells remain unscathed, healthy and highly vital. This is key to the success of the lipo transfer given the fact that only undamaged adipose cells can proliferate where they are needed.

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Application and advantage


With AquaShape® fat harvesting and fat grafting can be performed in a safe and gentle way.

Areas of application

For which indications is AquaShape® suitable?

Aquashape® Liposuction Belly Leghs Buttock Hips

Liposuction abdomen/legs/buttocks

With the AquaShape® technique, persistent deposit of fat tissue, that no diet can permanently make disappear, can easily be removed gently and precisely.

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Aquashape® Volume Breast Breastreconstruction

Breastaugmentation and reconstruction

The AquaShape® technique enables your surgeon to give you a beautiful, authentic and natural looking breast by the lipo transfer procedure (fat grafting).

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AquaShape® Volumenaufbau Gesäß

Buttock volume replenishment

With AquaShape® you can have your buttocks replanished in a gentle and safe way by transfer of fat harvested, for example, from your abdomen, No implants required.

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AquaShape® Rejuvenation Face Hands Decollete

Rejuvenation face/hands/décolleté

With the AquaShape® methodology small quantities of your own fat (autologous fat) are injected in the wrinkle or sunken cheeks. Your skin grows more beautiful every day.

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Leading-edge technology using the unique and progressive, gentle power of the water-jet.

body-jet®The well proven and reliable body-jet® uses the gentle power of water for body contouring. Liposuction is performed in a safe, effective and easy way.

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body-jet® ecoThe innovative body-jet® eco has been designed for the precise and gentle removal of small fat tissue volumes that may be used for subsequent autologous fat transfer.

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body-jet® evoThe new body-jet® evo represents an innovative enhancement to the 1st generation of the proven and reliable body-jet®.

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FillerCollector©Expand your possibilities: The FillerCollector® is a modern system for harvesting small to medium volumes of fat.

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Q-graft®The new compact Q-graft® system is the only system for harvesting regenerative cells (SVF) that can be used at the point-of-care.

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The technique


With hydrodissection (water-jet assisted dissection)
the soft tissue is separated or removed using the gentle force of the water-jet.

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The procedures

During the hydrodissection (water-jet assisted dissection) the waterjet-assisted Liposuction (WAL) and the AquaShape® procedure are being used.

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