WAL – Gentle waterpower

The gentle and selective power of the water-jet during liposuction: Unlike conventional liposuction procedures, during the water-jet assisted liposuction (WAL) the fat is detached and simultaneously aspirated from the tissue structure with waterpower and much less force, reducing the risk of side effects significantly. The fat cells stay mostly intact, unstressed and still vital.


Particularly gentle and almost pain free

Using the water-jet, hematomas and injuries to the sensitive nerves located directly beneath the skin occur far less frequently. The majority of tissue strands beneath the skin, which are important for skin tightening, remain intact.

Due to simultaneous irrigation and aspiration of the fat cells, you as a physician have direct control over the body’s contours and the amount of fluid introduced and aspirated throughout the whole operation. As a result, the adverse effects of the tumescent fluid during the procedure can be avoided.

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Usage and benefits


The WAL is using the gentle and selective power of the water-jet during liposuction

Fields of application of WAL

Why WAL is first choice when looking for great results with minimum effort

  • Spares the surrounding tissue
  • Minimizes operation risks
  • Almost pain-free: reduced blood loss, hematomas and swelling.
  • Treatment under local anesthesia is possible
  • Low stress by medication
  • Minimal intraoperative swelling because the OP can be made under direct visual control which reduces the correction rate.
  • Reduced OP time due to a short pre-infiltration and simultaneous irrigation and aspiration
  • Easy cannula handling is more comfortable for physician and patient
  • Shortened and smooth convalescence time
  • Classic liposuction
    Liposuction in so-called problem areas as thighs, hips and abdomen
  • Treatment of gynecomastia
    Gentle removal of excess glandular and adipose tissue
  • Treatment of lipedema
    Gentle removal of the excess abnormal adipose tissue
  • Treatment of hyperhidrosis
    Uniform and gentle separation of the skin from the tissue beneath by means of the fan-shaped water-jet.The afferent nerves are interrupted, facilitating the subsequent removal of the sweat glands. Since the connective tissue under the armpits is firmer than in other body areas, the precise force of the water-jet is particularly recommended for this treatment.
  • Unlike conventional liposuction procedures, during the water-jet assisted liposuction (WAL) the fat is detached from the tissue structure with much less force, reducing the risk of side effects significantly. The surrounding connective tissue, as well as nerves and blood vessels, remain much less traumatised.
  • As to the pre-infiltration, the WAL method also clearly differs from common liposuction procedures. In conventional procedures, the subcutaneous adipose tissue is filled with a large volume of tumescent fluid in order to prepare the operation. As a result, the body contours become blurred; the body looks swollen. This is not the case with the water-jet assisted liposuction. In this procedure, far less tumescent fluid (approx. 70% less) is introduced into the body before operation.
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Leading-edge technology using the unique and progressive, gentle power of the water-jet.

body-jet®The well proven and reliable body-jet® uses the gentle power of water for body contouring. Liposuction is performed in a safe, effective and easy way.

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body-jet® ecoThe innovative body-jet® eco has been designed for the precise and gentle removal of small fat tissue volumes that may be used for subsequent autologous fat transfer.

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Q-graft®The new compact Q-graft® system is the only system for harvesting regenerative cells (SVF) that can be used at the point-of-care.

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The technique


With hydrodissection (water-jet assisted dissection)
the soft tissue is separated or removed using the gentle force of the water-jet.

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The procedures

During the hydrodissection (water-jet assisted dissection) the waterjet-assisted Liposuction (WAL) and the AquaShape® procedure are being used.

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