SVF cell harvesting at the point-of-care

The new compact Q-graft® system for the intraoperative separation and collection of regenerative cells (stromal vascular fraction/ SVF) from adipose tissue will support and enhance the research and clinical application of SVF cells for many therapeutic indications.

The Q-graft® system consists of

  • the Q-graft® control (control device)
  • the sterile Q-graft® collector for single use.

Unlike other methods, the Q-graft® system stays on the sterile instrument table in the OR throughout the treatment and thus at the point-of-care.

The Q-graft® control serves to control all processes taking place in the Q-graft® collector.

The Q-graft® collector allows the collection, filtration and concentration of the lipoaspirate to a lipid-free SVF cell solution. By the use of a syringe, this lipid-free SVF cell solution finally is extracted directly from the CELLS port of the Q-graft® collector. 

Advantages of the Q-graft® system at a glance.