On this day, International Women’s Day, more than ever, we should not forget that in the majority of the cases women play a big part in raising those who will shape our tomorrow. And it’s with little effort that we can attain tremendous results, for example by getting two ugly aspects out of the way:

1) may domestic abuse against women cease to exist and

2) may many million girls worldwide be enabled to access education.

Smart societies happen in the first place when parents become excellent role-models and establish an active, healthy family lifestyles that allow their children to grow strong, confident and self-responsible. Parenting, if done seriously, is one of the hardest jobs on earth. And it affects, if really thought through, in the end all of us to the same degree…yesterday, today and tomorrow.

And now a few lines for our own cause:

Never complaining, mentally strong, stress resilient, passionate and always ready to laugh at a good joke: on this special day more than ever, Human Med’s CEO, Bernd Lindner and the Board of Directors expressly want to thank the female staff for the unique contribution to company’s success even in most challenging times. Sales, medical affairs, accounting, regulatory affairs, quality management, IT, clean room production, office management, incoming goods inspection …  here, women rule.

Ladies, you rock!