Today our big Thank You goes to the team of Novantis Jean-Philippe Mahe et Coryne Sanchez who are representing Human Med at the 66th SOFCPRE Congress 2022 in Montrouge from Nov. 17th to Nov. 19th, 2022.  Our special thanks go to Dr. Nicolas Zwillinger who today held an amazing presentation about lipedema and his long experience in the treatment of this painful disease.

One more thank you goes to Prof. Guy Magalon who today will speak about the developments of autologous fat preparation from the Coleman’s technique to the mechanical method, about the protocols and indications.

And one more! A big “merci” goes to Prof. Vincent Pinsolle of the Pellegrin Hospital Group based in Bordeaux for his contribution at tomorrow’s round table with the title “The Different Autologous Lipografting Techniques for Massive Lipomodelling.”

All presentations and round tables are held in French.

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